Hama SD Memory Card File, Blue

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Bad Memories!

When regularly transported back a forth on the go in the bottom of a bag, camera case or pocket, it is easy for your memory cards to pick up and accumulate dirt and grime and become scratched or damaged. Overtime this can lead to a deterioration in the performance of the card or eventually prevent it from being read, causing you the unnecessary frustration of losing any photos and data stored on it.

Practical, Portable Storage from Hama!

The Hama Memory Card File, Blue provides a compact, practical storage solution for your memory cards, protecting them from dust, dirt and damage when secured inside one of the high quality antistatic sleeve inserts within the file. Holding up to 8 SD memory cards, the high quality case has ample space for spares, ensuring that you have enough cards for any large shoot or the numerous photo opportunities that may arise. You’ll never miss a moment!

With an ultra slim-line, lightweight design the case offers attractive styling coupled with maximum convenience during transportation, discretely slipping into a bag or pocket where it can be quickly whipped out again at a moment’s notice for instant access to all your memory cards when and where you need them. Furthermore, the the coloured label on the back provides for easy sorting which can be further enhanced by the trendy index templates which can be downloaded at hama.de/service/download. Get Organised the Hama way today!
– For up to 8 SD/MMC/xD/MemoryStick(TM) cards
– High-quality; antistatic sleeves
– Incl. index card
– Coloured label on the back for easy sorting
– Colour: transparent/blue
– Material: PP
– Dimensions: W: 10.0 x D: 7.5 x H: 1.5 cm
File for storing 8 SD cards
High-quality, antistatic sleeves
Trendy index templates can be downloaded at www.hama.de/service/download
Coloured label on the back for easy sorting

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